Anonymous said: Can you recommend some good games that you can play in browser (not ones that you have to download)? I can't download anything to my computer :(

All free browser games will be in italics on this list, found on our nav bar.

But to narrow them down faster, the better ones are:

I haven’t played Castle Chase or Heavenly, but from what I remember others mentioned they were pretty decent? 

I think there may have been one or two that I haven’t added to the list, so if there’s anything missing, just let us know!

~Mod J

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Anonymous said: Hi! I just wanted to know if there are any good otome games I can play on my Mac? Because most games I've seen can only be played on windows D:

Hello~! Here’s a list of otome games that are on the Mac:

I hope this helps!

- Mod T

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Image: Ryusei Akisato, Shion Jonouchi, Ryo Jonouchi, Toma Jonouchi, Heroine (Starstruck Love)

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Image: Kiss of Revenge Relationship Chart

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Image: Joshua Lieben (Be My Princess), Subaru Ichinayagi (My Sweet Bodyguard), Russell (Pirates in Love), Yamato Kougami (My Forged Wedding), Riki Yanase (Love Letter From Thief X), and Yuzuki Kitaoji (Seduced in the Sleepless City)

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Image: Kiss of Revenge Title Screen

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huntingtimeconsultingthings said: What's your favorite otome game?

For me I have quite a few, I can’t name just one. Top three though: Hatoful Boyfriend, Nameless, and Diabolik Lovers.

- Mod K

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Anonymous said: how many people would be willing to play a fantasy vn with a 21-yo MC and characters who are in their late tens, twenties, and thirties? would the number of ppl interested be less than the number of those interested in games with teen characters?

A question for the followers, I think, but I know I personally would love a game like that. But then, I love the older man romances more than anything.

What do you guys think?

- Mod K

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Anonymous said: Sry bout this... its an ask. Is mispri (miss princess) and otome game? Btw... I ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ UR BLOG!

No problem Anon! Ask anything you want.

In response to your question, yes it is! MisuPri, or Miss Princess, was made into an otome game by Tecmo Koei games and was released November 18, 2011 for Nintendo DS.

This post might be more informative for you.

We’re glad you like this blog and many thanks for the first mod for creating it!

- Mod A

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Anonymous said: How do people feel about dating a 100,000+ (possibly 1,000,000) year old? Lol. Dying. Granted, the age gap is so surreal (& it's a game, not real life) that it shouldn't be too big of a deal, but it's still somewhat creepy? I'm trying to make a VN atm and somehow one of the obtainables ended up being an immortal dude with a ridiculous age gap.

This is just an opinion of mine’s but I think as long as they look young most people wouldn’t mind even if the person is as old as time. I mean if it was an 100 year old man that would be kind of difficult to get used to but since the character is an immortal I don’t think it’s that much of a big deal.

However, anyone who can give their thoughts about this please do!

And good luck on your visual novel making; I hope it comes along well.

- Mod A

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