Image: Edward Levaincois, Roberto Button, Glenn Casiraghi, Keith Alford, Wilfred Spencer, & Joshua Lieben (Be My Princess)

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continued. The game never *made* you play the yuri/yandere/ossan/etc routes, so don’t hate on the developers for trying to cater to more people’s tastes.

Image: Yuriko Nomiya & Kyouko Amami (Chou no Doku Hana no Kusari), Toma & Heroine (Amnesia), and Kunihiko Aikawa (My Forged Wedding) 

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continued. So do they want to date them in otome games?

Image: Yandere Heaven: Affection Bunny Cage

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Image: Sweet Fuse: At Your Side, Edel Blume & Wand of Fortune

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Lysander, Nathaniel, & Castiel (My Candy Love)

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Image: Voltage Inc Games

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katerineshuichi said: Hi! Is this blog still active? I have just found it and I love it! <3

Yes it is still active! 

The other mods are busy with their own lives so as it is, I am doing my best to keep up with the confessions. I will start making the posts so please submit anything you want.

- Mod A

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Anonymous said: Can you recommend some good games that you can play in browser (not ones that you have to download)? I can't download anything to my computer :(

All free browser games will be in italics on this list, found on our nav bar.

But to narrow them down faster, the better ones are:

I haven’t played Castle Chase or Heavenly, but from what I remember others mentioned they were pretty decent? 

I think there may have been one or two that I haven’t added to the list, so if there’s anything missing, just let us know!

~Mod J

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Anonymous said: Hi! I just wanted to know if there are any good otome games I can play on my Mac? Because most games I've seen can only be played on windows D:

Hello~! Here’s a list of otome games that are on the Mac:

I hope this helps!

- Mod T

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Image: Ryusei Akisato, Shion Jonouchi, Ryo Jonouchi, Toma Jonouchi, Heroine (Starstruck Love)

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