Anonymous said: Hey, I hope this question won't be too unspecific, but I played my first otome game (Magical Diary Horse Hall) yesterday, and I'm craving for more! I wonder if you have any recommendations? Fantasy would be the best, but it can be any other genre, too. I get kinda bored when I just have to click through too much text, so it would be nice if you could have at least some choices/options/activities like in Magical Diary. Thank you very much in advance!!

Ooh congrats on playing your first otome game!

Let me think… Probably English, more fantasy, and more interactive right? For this ask, I think I’ll just stick to PC games, if that’s alright.

Those are the ones that I believe that would best suit you, & I feel like there’s a few more that have come out that I just haven’t been able to play yet, so if anyone has anything else to suggest, feel free to add on!

~Mod J

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pipemountain said: Ayyyy!!! otome asks are back! I'm so happy! This blog is best! ( 'u' )/ Well anyway, I was wondering, to download the ERFOLG game (the one apparently drawn by the Diabolic artist!!!?!?!) , what should I click to download it? I'm not sure on the both the download page and the Vector page... Thank you in advance!

uwu thank you! Unfortunately, the blog is not officially back yet. I’m still swamped with work & school, but I’ve had some questions about games that have been sitting in the inbox, and those I can do relatively easier than the actual posting of confessions.

That said, I’m still looking for mods for this blog! Anyone is welcomed to ask about it, just some knowledge about otome games & Photoshop is required.

Anyway, with the link I gave in the ask, it should lead you to the download page. Just scroll down a bit and you should see a box that looks like this: 

It’s just giving you info about the file. Click on ダウンロード in blue and it should lead to to the next page. Scroll down & click on this:

Scroll down the next page that comes up and then finally click on this:

It should start downloading automatically! 

~Mod J

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Anonymous said: I've played the second reproduction some time ago and it is my favorite ototme game ever and I just can't find anything that I like as much. Do you know a game that is a bit like that game and is in english?

Not sure in what way you’d like the games to be similar, but I’ll try to come up with some titles!

Dealing with Demons:


Fantasy (pretty much includes most of the above):

"Strong" Protagonist (Quotations because I believe a lot of the protagonists that get a lot of hate for being so-called "weak" are actually pretty strong but I digress):

And I’m missing a bunch more but these are the ones that come to mind when trying to think of games that are similar to TSR. Unfortunately I also have a large backlog of games that I want to play but I haven’t had the time. 

Hopefully you’ll find one that you like!

~Mod J

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Anonymous said: Hello, I really like the art styles of otome games such as those of the Amnesia and Diabolik Lovers franchise and a particular Rejet game called Gekka Ryouran Romance, the art just blew me away when I play them. However, series like Hakuouki and UtaPri don't appeal to me probably because I don't like the way those bishies and the heroines are drawn. So would you recommend me any otome games with unique, beautifully drawn art? Thanks a lot in advance! :D

*casually answering after who knows how long*

Hm, this is a bit difficult because my idea of unique art may be different than yours, so I’m just going to list a bunch of them and you can pick and choose!

Black Wolves Saga- artist is the same for GRR
Glass Heart Princess
Machi de Uwasa no Hakushaku-sama- Freeware & also done by the same artist from Diabolik Lovers
OZMAFIA!- Same artist from DL
Tiny x Machinegun
Tokyo Yamanote Boys- 6 games in the series, but 3 are fandiscs, but I think that you already know about them since they’re also by Rejet.

Actually, I feel like Rejet has some pretty unique artists! So pretty much most games by them.

Princess Arthur
Issho ni Gohan
Eikoku Tantei Mysteria
Chou no Doku Hana no Kusari- R18
Arcana Famiglia
Double Score- the series isn’t finished iirc because the artist was fired (?) but there have been a few games released. Good for ojisan lovers
Storm Lover
Tsubasa no Oka no Hime- R18

This should be a good list to start off with, and you can always check the companies of games you like because there’s always a chance that the artist worked on some other games!

~Mod J

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I’m really sorry about not posting for more than a month. Work & school have been more of a priority for me, & when I’m not, I’m focusing on my personal life. Or sleeping. I haven’t really been squeezing any time to actually play any otome games either! 

Anyway, if there’s anyone who’s willing to take over this blog, just send me an ask & I’ll let you know. Pretty much the only things you really need are time to put confessions together, Photoshop, & a love for otome games.

Thank you!


Edit: Also a big thank you to those who’ve still been following & like/reblogging posts from here despite the hiatus! 

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Anonymous said: I'm having trouble finding a good game to play. I just want a really nice game that can keep me busy for hours~ Do you have any recommendations? .w.

Hm, it’d be nice to know what language & what games you’ve previously played (because I often end up suggesting ones someone has already played) but anywho, I’ll try my best!

So I’m guessing you want a long game? Obviously for English I’ll suggest Hakuouki, Dandelion, Nameless, The Second Reproduction & I’m probably missing a couple of others, but those are the ones that come to mind for long games. Of course, your playing speed may vary.

For Japanese ones, I’m always going to suggest the Alice series by Quinrose, as well as most of the other Quinrose games. Zettai Meikyuu Grimm, Glass Heart Princess, Black Wolves Saga, Kannou Mukashibanashi & Bloody Call.

Hope there’s at least one that you find you’ll like!

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Anonymous said: So this blog is strictly otome games? Not so much for other otome related things (situation cds, etc)?

Previously there’s been confessions about drama cds & there haven’t been much, so I’ve been pretty lax on confessions about drama cds & games that have romance in them (like Bioware games). However… I’ll address this in a different post as well (kind of indirectly).

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Anonymous said: I'm sorry if you've been asked this before, but what game is the picture on your sidebar from?

No worries, I haven’t been asked this before! The picture is from Shinigami to Shoujo

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Image: Ryuzo Hatta (Dreamy Days in West Tokyo) & Kanata Nanami (Starry Sky in Spring)

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Image: Norn9

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