Image: The Second Reproduction

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Image: Yandere Heaven ~Affection Bunny Cage~

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Image: 1931: Scheherazade at the Library of the Pergamum

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milkybreads replied to your post:

All of the recent confessions seems like they are bashing people’s preferences :( I’m sorry, it really doesn’t make a good thing to read on my dash.

We apologize if we inconvenienced you but our blog policy is to not discriminate against any of the confessions. Even if it may be rude or something highly disagreeable we try to post all the confessions we get because this is a confession blog. It was made so people could speak their real feelings about a genre or a game and there are people who would try to help and correct the bad confessions that were submitted.

All in all, I am very sorry that you dislike the recent confessions. Everyone has their own opinions and if you feel the need to unfollow, please feel free to do so. We hold no grudges.

- Mod A

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Image: Billy (Shall We Date: Hero in Love) & Pirates in Love

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Anonymous said: (c) I want to know otome games with good art

Well, that is actually very vague and I’m afraid there isn’t much I can help you with.

"Good art." Just what is "good art." A lot of people have many different tastes and to find an art catering to your tastes is something you have to do, is it not?

Anyways, I could recommend some games I think have wonderful art and which games a general group of people would think the art is good but I would suggest you discover some yourself since to satisfy oneself, a person has to do their own work. However, most of the popular companies of Japanese otome games usually have very good art so there isn’t much to narrow down to.

English Games:

Japanese Games:

  1. Otomate: Wand of Fortune, Glass Heart PrincessBrothers Conflict, Beastmaster and Prince, Clock Zero ~Shuuen no Ichibyou (I try not to repeat games that have the same artisit.)
  2. Rejet: Ken ga Kimi, Dot Kareshi, Diabolik Lovers, Tiny x MACHINEGUN
  3. Takuyo: Getsuei no Kusari, Shinigami to Shoujo
  4. Honeybee: Ayakashi Gohan, Houkago Colorful*Step, Starry Sky
  5. Blue Moon/IcingCandy: Bloody Call, Double Score
  6. Broccoli: Uta no Prince Sama Repeat, Kamigami no Asobi

Note: These are mostly my opinion and the ones I search to be the most popular ones. If you like these games, wonderful, but even if you don’t, I’m sure if you search around you’ll find even more otome games that have the kind of art you like.

- Mod A

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Anonymous said: Hi there! Just wanted to ask what otome/anime/VN you got your profile picture from. It's super adorable. Thanks :))

Thank you! The profile pic is of Alice Liddell from Heart no Kuni no Alice, the first one.

~Mod J

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Anonymous said: (confession) what is the game's name of the picture you use beside?--->

Is it the one for the sidebar? That would be the game Shinigami To Shoujo.

~Mod J

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Anonymous said: Any good yandere otome games I could play for free on a laptop?

I don’t believe there are any yanderes on the free PC games? Please correct me if I’m wrong considering I have yet to play all of them!

~Mod J

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Image: Edward Levaincois, Roberto Button, Glenn Casiraghi, Keith Alford, Wilfred Spencer, & Joshua Lieben (Be My Princess)

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